Hello, I'm Nhat Anh, currently a K63 student majoring in Food Technology and Business, Faculty of Food Science &Technology (FST) of Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA). According to the training plan for the academic year 2020-2021, from May 17, 2021 to June 27, 2021, I and 173 other students went for a professional internship. Even though I'm no longer a freshman like the new K65 students, I still have a strange feeling just before the internship: a little excitement, anxiety mixed with suspense and anticipation because this is the first time I get to experience a career at food companies that I want to work in the future. The excitement is because we are the first batch of students to enroll in the Food Technology& Business specification, so it is also the first time to do a internship in this field. In addition, I am also worried with many questions: I don't know what kind of environment I will practice in next? Are there any strict requirements? Does anyone have any support? Is it hard work or not?…

But all those worries and nervousness disappeared when we arrived at the internship site. Because, founder of company is a faculty’s former lecturer. Right from the first meeting, when he introduced himself, told about the company’s history ;  the company's rules and shared the difficulties and advantages when starting a business… I thought to myself “oh, I am so lucky!. This is definitely my dream internship…”

At INF company, our team was instructed on the technologies and equipments in each stage of the cheese powder production process, then assigned to work directly on the processing line like actual workers . Before that, our team was also trained very carefully in prerequisite programs in food quality assurance in general and cheese powder in particular such as Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures - SSOP, Good manufacturing practices- GMP, ... SSOP and GMP are all prerequisite programs required when register for accreditation ISO 22000 or HACCP standards.

After 2 weeks of working as food technologist at INF company, we move on to the next internship content at TCI company. Here, our team learned and trained the knowledge and skills related to the food business: making questionaire, doing survey and developing marketing plan by ourself… The knowledge of technology and food business management experienced in practice have become extremely necessary skills to help me be more motivated on the next learning path and beyond confidence when applying for job

Time flies so fast, 6 weeks of professional internship has been completed. Our team only slightly regrets not being able to experience all the production activities of the company due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Around the factory, there are many isolated areas, but we were not afraid, strictly followed the epidemic prevention regulations and worked hard, absorbed as much knowledge and skills as instructed in actual production.

For me, this is a very useful, memorable and wonderful internship.

On behalf of the whole team, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the leaders and staffs of INF and TCI companies, the Faculty of Food Science and Technology and the instructor has always enthusiastically guided, supported and accompanied with us during internship time.


Nhat Anh- K63